¿Why Animation?

Animation is art... but fun art!

Animation is a cool activity to introduce students to the digital visual arts. The process of creating animations connects kids with the cartoons they already love, but from the perspective of the maker, representing a new and wonderful experience to them. If you want to witness the impact of animation on students, take a look at their faces when they try their first animated content. Then you will notice the potential of animation as an innovative art activity for children and teenagers.

Animation is about developing skills

Through the making process of animated content, kids require to train several skills useful to enhance their academic performance. Some of them are:

  • Planning: Any animation project demands a planning process from the design of the story until the post-production tasks, which implies making a schedule full of diverse activities and to manage time meticulously.
  • Creativity: Every animation content starts with the definition of a story. During this process, students are inspired to design characters, worlds, plots, and scripts from scratch, stimulating their imagination from a playful approach.
  • Storytelling: Telling a story is not just about inspiration and creativity, it's about structure too. During the pre-production process, students have to plot the stories of their projects aiming to create an interesting product, adding unexpected plot twists and using a narrative that hooks the future viewers of their animated works. Animation is a lot about writing a good story.
  • Discipline: Making a complete animation content involves a huge number of tasks, that imply a lot of hard work. Only when students finish a project and present it to their mates is when they actually realize the commitment and dedication required to become an animation maker, and of course by our own experience, we can assure that they feel proud of it.

Animation is a talent discoverer